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ABOUT US: was founded in 2019 to make available to you the world's best carbon fiber propellers to U.S. paramotor pilots at extremely competitive prices and with fast and FREE shipping!  We stock only premium carbon fiber, factory authorized, name brand propellers. 


Our competitive prices match what you would pay (after currency conversion) had you ordered your propeller directly from the European Manufacturer, but with faster shipping for in-stock items and without without responsibility for import duties, currency exchange and bank transaction fees. 

While we can't keep in stock all propellers as there are literally over a thousand options, we can still get you any propeller for nearly any paramotor within 7 days for out-of stock props, delivered straight to your doorstep from the manufacturer. 


We also sell single propeller blades (E-Props only) to exactly match and replace damaged blades on E-Props, for just $190 delivered.  


Helix Propeller offers over 2000 different propellers. Each one is perfectly designed for the intended use. This also means that there are different propellers for the same engine, depending on the pilots preference of flying a sporty responsive propeller, or a more economical, fuel efficient one for cross country flying. All paramotor propellers are manufactured in a very stable hollow construction. This design also allows the inner structure of the propellers to be adapted to the requirements of the engines. All Helix propellers are subject to the strict quality requirements of EASA Part 21/G certification.

If you have any questions about what you are ordering please be sure to contact us and we will make sure you are ordering the right prop for your motor and frame!

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