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​How Do I Place An Order?


It's easy, just place your order here on our website!  All Payment information is secured via Wix and encrypted.  You will immediately get a email confirmation of your order, and as soon as your items ships we'll email you USPS priority mail, UPS Ground or DHL international tracking information.  

Are these Genuine Brand Name Paramotor Propellers?

Yes!  These are not knockoff products, these are genuine E-props imported from France and Helix Props imported from Germany. We don't recommend using unauthorized propeller brands on your paramotor as long term damage may result and performance may diminish.  You have noticed our prices on genuine authorized brands are extremely competitive, so there is no need to save a buck with an unauthorized brand or a wooden propeller.  


Are these Propellers Actually In Stock at Your Location?

There are over a thousand different propeller combinations available.  We stock the most common propellers such as Moster 185 2-blade and 3-blade props in the 125CM, 130CM and 140cm lengths.  If we don't have your desired propeller in stock at our facility, it will be drop shipped from the Electravia E-Props in France via DHL direct to your door or from Helix in Germany.   

What if I want a propeller not listed in your store?

Please send an email to or call/text 1-833-BE-ALIVE and we'll respond with an estimated delivery date and we'll process your order outside of the web store.  


Can I Buy Propellers Directly From E-Props through their WebStore?


Yes, of course you can! In this case you will pay the same price or maybe more (after currency conversion) as if you had ordered the propeller from us and you may also be responsible for import duties, currency conversion fees, and customs processing fees.  By ordering from you are supporting your US based re-seller, often saving a little money and will get your replacement quicker for in-stock items.



All propeller orders from our web store ship via USPS priority mail from Florida for free or DHL international from France for free, and typically arrive within 1-4 days for in-stock props or 5-7 days if shipped from France.  If you want a faster method of shipping such as overnight service please contact us for a quote at or call/text 1-833-BE-ALIVE.  We typically do not ship on Saturday or Sunday unless special arrangements are made.   


​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Your payment information is secured the web-store. We do not see your payment data.  If you are still uncomfortable about using our e-commerce interface, please call/text us at 1-833-BE-ALIVE or email for alternate payment methods. 

Returns & Refunds - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


If you are not satisfied in anyway with your new propeller, you may return it to us in "like new" condition for a full refund.  Call/Text us at 1-833-BE-ALIVE or for your return authorization. 

What if my Propeller Arrives Damaged?

We are meticulous to pack your propeller in a manner to prevent damage during shipping, but sometimes life happens.  If your propeller is damaged in shipping, please send us photos of the original packaging and the damage and we will send you a new propeller right away.  Do not install a damaged propeller on your paramotor! Damage claims must be made within 48 hours or receiving your shipment.  Damage claims are invalid if the propeller has been installed on your paramotor, so please inspect your new propeller carefully before installing it.  Damage to the propeller due to improper installation such as over/under torquing bolts, improper bolts, or improper spacers is not our responsibility.  All shipments are insured with USPS, so we need detailed photos of the original packaging in order to make an insurance claim.  We will send you a return shipping label so you may return the complete damaged propeller to us. 

Price Match Guaranty

If you show us proof that another authorized reseller in the USA is advertising one of our propellers for less than our advertised price (including any shipping they may charge because our shipping is free) we will gladly match their price!

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